Finding the Mongol’s Eye

Finding the Mongol’s Eye

Finding the Mongol’s Eye
Finding the Mongol’s Eye
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A missing Green Diamond, the Irish Eye, brings Georgina Small to Ireland at the request of the President Kevin O’Toole. Her help in the Fenian Messenger adventure impressed the politician and he believes she can help his friend find out what happened to the Green Diamond of Ireland. Georgina discovers and the woman technician who spotted the bogus diamond has a mystery of her own. Her father Ralph Van Lorn has disappeared that left his daughter on her own in Hong Kong. His message was short; he had a lead on the Mongol’s Eye. Finding Amanda Van Lorn’s father, and the infamous blue diamond (the Mongol’s Eye aka the Fiery Blue) brings Georgina and Amanda into the world of Diamond thieves and corrupt millionaires who collect diamonds at any price. Follow the trail of the Fiery Blue as it is stolen from the palace of Great Kublai Khan and trace its journey through time.


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