Let’s cook about it!

Let’s cook about it!

Let’s cook about it!
Let’s cook about it!
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Let’s Cook about it!  is a cookbook for everyone who just can’t get it right, who seems to mess up even the simplest recipes and needs a helping hand in the kitchen.


Let’s Cook about it!  is also for the experienced chef, as they would benefit from my added tips, suggestions and special recipes.


Let me hold your hand and happily guide you step by step, taking your confidence level from “I’m not too sure” to “Wow look what I created” From “I would like to impress the in-laws” or “I just have to please my new girlfriend/boyfriend”, or even, “Can I surprise my parents?” to a sensational meal. No one will ever know how effortless it was!


In this cookbook, I have taken difficult recipes and simplified them for easy reading and preparation. I have added pictures, my personal cooking tips, special blend of ingredients and a few different twist and turns.


Enjoy and Let’s Cook about it!

Suzanne Ladouceur

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