Country Out Of Crisis

Country Out Of Crisis

Country Out Of Crisis
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What if the voters of Québec said “Yes” to separation – and no one cared?


Welcome to 2010.


As Prime Minster Jennifer Clark rallies Canadians to move forward without Québec, Québec Premier Robert Benoît struggles to move his new country in a new direction. 


Unfortunately for Benoît and Québecers, twenty plus years of telling themselves that everything will be rosy outside of Canada is being shown as a oft-repeated myth.  As Québec degrades into the reality of independence, American corporate raiders are trying to pick off one of their main industries and First Nations people from the north are showing that Québec is, indeed, divisible.


In the Rest of Canada, Québec separation is seen as a fresh start and Clark is determined to make the best of it.


Country Out of Crisis ends with an unexpected turn of events that might just be a prediction of things to come.


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