A Preferred Legacy

A Preferred Legacy

A Preferred Legacy
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Some 150 years ago a legless stranger ended up on a beach in Nova Scotia.  He was either incapable or refused to communicate with people surrounding him.  He lived a full 50 years in Nova Scotia and in spite of government efforts no one was ever able to identify his background and country of origin.


After all these years the man is still being talked about, he has become a legend.


I am quite sure that a search for his origins nowadays is useless, it is better to simply start thinking in terms of stories that could be told about him and passed down from one generation to the next.

It is in this light that this book was written, not as a historical document but more as a “maybe”, or as a “it could have happened that way” type of story, in other words as something that might be worthy to be added to the legend.

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