The Guide To Surviving Middle School

The Guide To Surviving Middle School

The Guide To Surviving Middle School
The Guide To Surviving Middle School
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All of us have memories of it. Whether we loved it or hated it, it left a mark


on all of us. What a dramatic and often chaotic time in one's life it was!


With hormones raging and emotions running high, there was rarely a dull


moment in this soap-opera world we called Middle School.


As a middle school teacher for the past sixteen years, I have had the pleasure


of working and interacting with thousands of intermediate level students and


their families. Over the years, I have attempted to determine which factors allow


certain students to glide through middle school and thrive while other students


painfully get by. Through numerous conversations and interactions with


students, parents, and colleagues, as well as personal observations, I have


identified some of the skills and character traits possessed by students who


seem to thrive during this often chaotic period of life and shared them in “The


Guide to Surviving Middle School”.


The goal of “The Guide to Surviving Middle School” is to provide information


and guidance to middle school aged children and their families on a number of


relevant topics such as bullying, peer pressure, surviving oral presentations,


etc. Presented in an anecdotal, light and often humorous fashion, the


non-fiction text is easy to read with one tip being presented per chapter. The tips


are straightforward and will allow students already in middle school and those


about to enter it, to benefit from the experiences of former students who dealt


with similar academic, personal and social issues. “The Guide to Surviving


Middle School” will also appeal to parents who often feel poorly equipped to


support their children through this often tumultuous period of life by providing


them with information on the current challenges faced by middle school


students and advice on how to effectively help their children overcome these


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