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This is a novel that travels through time. Back to the time of the Vikings and their voyages to the new world; it also covers events in the Second World War when an American soldier murders a fellow solider to assume his identity and it takes you to the present to a researcher working on the Arlington cemetery on a village where escaped slaves once lived. Follow a mystery where a young woman meets a medical student, a veteran from the Vietnam war and find out how the past becomes merged in the present.


This is a love story, an adventure and a chance to explore man’s history. Feel the winds in the sail of the Viking longboat, and the explosions on the war front as the allies are fighting to drive the Germans away from the beaches after D-day.


Discover how a man, and a lawyer’s letter draws people together and exhume the truths so carefully concealed and buried in Arlington, the National Cemetery honoring American war dead.


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