Copyright Murder

Copyright Murder

Copyright Murder
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No one likes to loose a favorite relative, but it’s far worse when that person is murdered. Allan Tryel is a professor of archaeology with an interest in modern examples of man’s intolerance of his fellow men. He often helps the police in the identification and profiling of suspects in a murder case. But the death of his aunt in Boston brings him to the funeral where he meets a young woman who carries his aunt's name.


Gemma Forsyth loved the Cedar family and especially the matriarch of this family who helped and protected her when her own family couldn’t. While visiting a CEO of a large mutual fund company the elderly woman was murdered.


Together, Gemma and Allan begin to discover that the murder of the financial expert is just the beginnings of a string of murders throughout the world; murders that are directed to the CEOs of financial foundations in the West.


Follow the torturous path that leads them to the uncovering of a heinous plot that comes from afar, and is designed to weaken America and the economy of the West. Discover an American Jihad before the next stage in terror, before the 11th of September.


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