Final Flight from Sanaa

Final Flight from Sanaa

Final Flight from Sanaa
Final Flight from Sanaa
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When Tariq Hakim introduced himself to Colin Lawler one night in a quiet pub, he had no idea that this simple gesture would eventually lead him to imprisonment in his homeland of Yemen. Lawler, a lawyer, has a Libyan client who wishes to deliver much-needed medical equipment to Yemen. Hakim, a doctor who speaks the language and knows the culture, seems a perfect match to facilitate the transaction. However, while in Yemen, a favour to an old friend finds him breaking centuries-old social taboos as he is faced with the dilemma of reconciling his responsibilities to a female patient and respecting the culture and people of his youth. He endures torture at the hands of one of his old medical students. But a one night of passion with a beautiful Danish woman leads to rescue, while a coup d'état is being planned.


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