Return to the Dinara

Return to the Dinara

Return to the Dinara
Return to the Dinara
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Corporal Peter Richards didn't expect a tour so soon. He'd only re-enlisted a few months ago. Now he was being deployed yet again to Bosnia, his third trip to the region. Set in and around the Dinaric Alps, the story unfolds in 1998/99, three years following the end of the civil war. Operations and military routine serve to intensify Richard's emotions, thoughts, and relationships. Yet conflict isn't limited to Richard's sense of place. There are struggles within his infantry section. Darker forces threaten to usurp the new peace. The political landscape is fragile. His confidence is fragile. the resulting complexities are amplified when the section discovers a small village in the mountains, a community that survived the war but faces extinction in this time of newfound peace....


Many are aware that Canadian soldiers were peacekeeping in the Former Yugoslavia during the 1990s. Many are not aware, however, of what peacekeeping is all about. Even lee are familiar with how this duty affected these soldiers. Moreover, while many works focus on the years of war. Return to the Dinara is a novel that explores a Canadian soldier's experience in post-war Bosnia. the book's themes of discovery, survival, camaraderie, unrequited love, and suffering fuse this experience.

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