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About Baico Publishing

Baico Publishing offers a simple approach to a very complex industry! Providing a gateway to unknown authors to publish their books!

Baico Publishing began operations in 1997 in Gatineau, Quebec but because of growth in its operations, it is now located in Canada’s beautiful and picturesque capital, Ottawa.  The founder, Raymond Coderre brings over 40 years of invaluable experience in the printing and publishing industry with the vision to operate a publishing house that is unique in its services and relationship with its authors.  As such, Baico’s signature is its accessibility to its authors as its key players make themselves available to them, addressing any of their questions and concerns, and putting them at ease.

Baico is committed to running its publishing house with a high degree of integrity.   Its mission is to not only publish unknown writers who may not yet have found the right publisher for their current project, but also seeks to help authors reap financial benefits that are greater than what the industry usually offers.  Baico helps authors to use innovative approaches outside of the norm of the industry when marketing and selling their work so as to attract appropriate readers to their literature.
Baico looks forward to developing an intimate relationship with its authors.  We also hope to leave an inspiring imprint in the lives of all dedicated authors who choose us as their publisher, as well as in those of all our global readers.

Stephanie & Raymond

About the Vice President

Meet Stephanie Michelle Bertrand, Vice President of BAICO PUBLISHING. Stephanie exemplifies the new breed of young, savvy female entrepreneurs. Stephanie is the hands-on Vice President of Baico. She is fully engaged at all levels of the business and its management – although her eyes sparkle when she describes the artistic element of book publishing: the undercurrent of excitement when reading a new novel or designing a book jacket for their latest acquisition. Raymond hired Stephanie part-time while she was in school, as the years passed she became a main fixture at Baico. Not only was Stephanie delighted to be amongst the presses and publications, she fell in love with the entire process and her part-time job turned into a successful career. She is passionate about the mission of Baico Publishing where they are dedicated to give Canadian authors a voice.

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