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My name is Susan Jesmer. I’ve been a hairstylist in Ottawa for 22 Years. I have always loved children. Their honesty is so refreshing but they can be cruel. When I was three years old I suffered a tragic accident that left me terribly scarred. The children that I knew were not very forgiving when they saw my scars and it was hard for me to deal with being different. This story deals with self-acceptance even if others don’t see the beauty past the proverbial scars. I hope this book helps children embrace their differences and maybe help some children to accept others that are not just like them.


In this book you will meet Angela who is an Angelfish with feet. She has to deal with her difference in her own way. She has many friends like Greta and Gladys the kissing gouramis, Pete the puffer who can puff himself up whenever he wants and Eugene the wise old frog who teaches Angela that being different makes you special. Angela runs into Bertha the butterfly fish that refuses to play with her because she is different. She does learn to love herself as she is; I hope that we can all heed this message.


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