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Andrew Ashton and the Pirates Raid

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Andrew Ashton, the ultimate time traveller, has succeeded in bringing gold coins from an ancient treasure into the present. Although this solved his family’s financial problems, it did complicate his life – more so than what he had thought. Living in the present, Andrew’s mind often wondered back to those he had met in the past especially Lizzie, a girl from the 18th century. He wondered what had happened to her and her family. That question led Andrew on an historical quest to visit Lizzie’s family plot in Boston.

What Andrew discovered brought him to the awful conclusion that his relationship with her had not only endangered her life but that of her family. What could he do? There was only one possibility. He had to go back in time and warn Lizzie and her family of the threat on their lives. But would he be able to save them?

In this third volume, join Andrew as he journeys back in time to carry out an ingenious plan to foil a treacherous raid and save his friends. By doing this, he will discover something about himself that is out of this world.


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