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Assassination is a tool that can make a weak country on par with those powerful nations with large military forces and massive economies. History has shown that political assassinations have been used for eons and its use has not diminished even in today’s modern world.  


After 9/11 the West found it was in a war against religious zealots who didn’t follow the rules of war, didn’t fight openly and now a diabolical scheme to use political assassinations is being followed within the heartland of America. Killing silently, using a poison with no antidote is causing panic on Capital Hill. Congressmen, senators and powerful CEOs are dying and no one knows how to stop this new Jihad in America.


Errol Westman is an authority in political assassination. The death of four young boys is a prelude to political murder. With the President’s blessing, he is ordered to find and stop those who are killing the politicians in Washington DC, in the states at both the state level, the municipal level and at the national level. But how do you find people whose method of murder is elegant and simple and often unobserved? The injection of a ‘ricin’ sphere requires nothing more than a special pen and the willingness to follow a victim until an accidental confrontation allows them to inject their sphere of death. 


Never has America or the west been so vulnerable. Fear is a terrible thing and now the nation’s leaders know what fear is all about. They are on a hit list.


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