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Life is a Story

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Life is a Story is a collection of stories gathered over an individual’s lifetime. These stories cover a huge variety of people, places and events. There are stories about chance encounters, strange coincidences, unusual events and some unusual people.


Life is a Story is a complete walk through the experiences that I’m sure many readers can relate to first hand. There is a laugh here, perhaps a tear there, some lessons learned, the trials and tribulations of growing up in a world which has changed significantly over the course of the last fifty years of society in our country and even a special place. Most of these stories are true: strange and maybe even bizarre to some extent but for the most part true, real life experiences as seen through the eyes of one man.


To separate reality from fantasy, an entire section has been dedicated strictly to fiction, hopefully for the shear entertainment of the reader.


Life is a Story could be compared to Baskin and Robbins. There are thirty one short stories much like the thirty one flavors originally offered by the renowned ice cream parlor: a lot of variety to sample and enjoy.So sit back, relax and enjoy Life is a Story


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