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My desire is for you to read these poems which will enlighten and motivate you, to be the person, you have always known, you can be!

Working as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse for over 32 years has provided me with insight into my own evolution. My journey began when I was a young child; however it is only recently, I am realizing the truths which have shaped my life.

I have always been an avid writer of poetry. This collection includes pieces of prose, since I was a teenager. Most people with mental illness seek an outlet to express their confusion and pain – some positive and some negative. Writing poetry is one way of understanding the past, present and future, as you heal from the inside out. This is especially true as I continue on my own journey, living with bipolar disorder.

I hope my poems will help you to find your path to increased courage and strength. There are no boundaries to what one is capable of achieving? Improving one’s well being includes exploring not just emotional health; it encompasses spiritual, social and physical health as well. Reflection and self-awareness may help you on your journey. You are not alone – reach out for help, when you need it. As time progresses, the world is realizing the huge reality of mental illness. Thankfully, more supports and resources are becoming available.

Remember, you can make any dream a reality.

Just believe in yourself !


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