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March Mishaps

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Who could know that a carry-on bag mix-up would involve high school teacher Mirelle Sanderson in a terrifying adventure? A switching of bags reveals itself to be no accident. CSIS agent Derek Tourney has hidden an informational disc of importance to the Canadian government in her look-alike bag. Little does she realize that through this exchange of bags, she will be thrown into a world of intrigue, of political undercurrents and violence.


Initially, Mirelle is contacted by the agent to meet and return the disc. Due to a number of mishaps, this simple transfer between her and Derek remains elusive. The subsequent kidnapping of Candace, the pregnant student in Mirelle’s charge by a radical group forces Mirelle’s involvement in perilous circumstances.


This group is struggling for what they consider their destiny with one goal in mind, independence for Quebec and separation from Canada and will stop at nothing, from kidnapping to murder. Mirelle learns of an explosives plan and becomes a target herself. Kidnapped, and held in a dirty, smoke-filled atmosphere, she realizes the threat to her health might be as deadly as the danger from her enemies. The one man who might help her, Derek Tourney, becomes a fellow prisoner. She needs all her wits about her to escape the hands of the group and avert disaster.


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