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She’s Still Standing

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It takes one bad choice to detour us from fulfilling our purpose. As a teenager, a bad choice of running away from home can lead you on a journey where you encounter the seedy underworld of the sex industry as an exotic dancer for many years. It sets you on a downward spiral into the addictions of drugs and alcohol that holds you captive, and promiscuity becomes normal. Faced with many twists and turns you become unrecognizable to yourself. It would take a miracle to bring you out.

She’s Still Standing is filled with redemption from a life of hopelessness for anyone who seeks it and illustrates the capability to overcome any situation in life.

  • You will be taken on a journey that is honest, transparent, and filled with self-discovery
  • You will see that God can find you in a strip club and lead you out of despair
  • Survivors of sexual abuse, addiction, brokenness, guilt and shame are overcomers
  • Your life can turn around 180 degrees after leaving the sex industry to achieve a victorious life
  • Feelings of emptiness, worthlessness and rejection can be replaced by self-confidence and self-worth
  • Forgiveness can set you free when you connect with Jesus

Author and speaker, Elaine Grant is passionate about sharing her story in hopes that it will inspire other on their journey of transformation. Born in the town of St. Andrew, Jamaica, she immigrated to Canada with her family at the age of 10. Elaine has obtained a bachelor’s degree in evangelism and a certificate in administration. She has been featured as a guest speaker on local radio and national television such as 100 Huntley Street. Elaine Grant is a devoted mother and grandmother of two who resides in Ottawa, Canada.

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