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Blowing the whistle on one of the biggest food manufacturers is dangerous. Charles Turcott may have understood that he was taking a chance but the intentional use of unhealthy and adulterated food was endangering thousands of people throughout the world. He couldn’t just stand by and wait for people to die. He would pay a terrible price for that decision. It was important to silence him as the key witness. They failed to kill him but killed his wife and child as his home is destroyed in front of his eyes. Under the witness protection program he was given a new identity and name, Stephen Wabashick. In a hamlet away from modern civilization he tries to rebuild his life, but his hobby of collecting G.A. Henty books is the link that bring killers to his door. In his new life under a new name he finds a soul mate and this woman with her young daughter has her own troubles and is hiding from an abusive husband. Having a second chance at life and a finding a woman to love is worth fighting for. Can he succeed when professional killers have traced him to the small hamlet of Up Hill? Who says that life is fair?



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