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The “LEBRETON FLATS” are located in Ottawa, Canada on the Ottawa River at the Chaudière Falls…



The “LEBRETON FLATS” are located in Ottawa, Canada on the Ottawa River at the Chaudière Falls.  Here is the home of the recently constructed National War Museum, and the annual Bluesfest.  Technically the land is owned by the Algonquin Native people, part of “Unceded Algonquin Territory”.

It was here where Ottawa began two centuries ago.  The first settlers arrived at the Lebreton Flats, then called “Richmond Landing”, to travel up the Richmond Road, Ottawa’s first thoroughfare to the town of Richmond, which today is Ottawa’s oldest settlement.

The author has spent a large part of his life (almost two decades) researching the history of the Lebreton Flats, and has found it has been accursed from the beginning.  A “curse” can range from “bad karma” to an extreme supernatural evil; readers will draw their own conclusions as to the extremity of this curse.

Here at the Chaudière Falls was located one of the bloodiest battles in Canadian history, one which determined the future of Canada.  After extensive research the author has concluded that the battle had been wrongly assumed to have occurred at the “Long Sault”, near Hawkesbury. Later, the first non-Native owner spent six years in a debtors’ prison at Montreal.  More recently, the careers of two extremely popular Prime Ministers were inexplicably ended with their decisions on the Lebreton Flats.

Will the “Curse of Lebreton Flats” continue? 


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