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The Frogs On Stevens Creek

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“Peter Murdoch has composed a delightfully imaginative children’s fable, worthy of Aesop. Both wise and entertaining, the story gives children hope that their problems can be solved by collective action, creative ideas can change hearts and minds, and the power of love can disarm the archetypal bully.”


Author James FitzGerald, winner of 2010 Writers’ Trust Non-Fiction Prize 

“These fearless froggies teach the delightful lesson that trust in each other and a sense of community can change the world. A wonderful tale.”


Katy Petre, child and adult psychotherapist, Toronto

“My grandson will enjoy this tale of frogsome ingenuity, filled with suspense, fun, and winning conclusion.  Under the lily pad are important constructive messages for children about ways to creatively solve problems. Hooray for frog power!”


Susan Scott, author, journalist


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