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The Roadants of Canadian Services College Royal Roads

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In the early 1960s young men aged 16 to 19 from across the country, who wished to volunteer for officer training in the army, navy or air force, were selected following a rigorous screening process and sent to one of Canada’s three military colleges: RMC, CMR, and Royal Roads near Victoria, British Columbia. In addition to undergoing a very demanding training regimen, those attending Canadian Services College Royal Roads had the unique experience of being the lowest of the low in their first year and the highest of the high, the cadets in charge, in their second year.


This book covers one academic year and although a work of fiction, incredible as some of the stories may seem, all of the anecdotes in this book are fundamentally true. They convey the shock for the new boys at being thrust into a rigid system that gave them virtually no privacy and harassed them almost 24 hours a day and the struggles of the second year boys to adapt to their position of power. The result was a step towards manhood that none of the cadets would ever forget.



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