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The Secret Inside the Money Tree

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Take control of your financial future. The Taxation-Investment Engine (TIE) blends personal cash flows, income tax, investing and investment loans together into a single predictive financial system to make monthly money consistently. TIE provides forward planning strategies that are operationally sound, supportable and technically proven to achieve an annual Return on Investment in excess of 40%. Early retirement became possible using the TIE philosophy.

Mathematical modeling is used to manipulate complex financial calculations for credible long term predictions of outcomes based on previous and proposed cash flows, debt management, portfolio change and taxation planning decisions. “Return of Capital” mutual funds are used because they have amazing characteristics. An active investor controls change as difficult personal circumstances, the global economy, interest rates and taxation policy apply dynamic stress on the investor’s net worth and monthly cash flow. The appendix presents a detailed simulation, including recession, to demonstrate some core TIE management techniques.

This “show-me-the-numbers” book contains financial philosophy, personal experiences, numerical examples, performance graphs, money management options and beneficial surprises discovered during six years developing TIE. Techniques are presented in this book to assist readers, without specialist financial training, learn how one investor achieved his dream of financial freedom.


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