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The Snail Mail Mystery

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Two events in history changed Canada from being a minor country that invited thousands of immigrants to fill up our empty western provinces. The North West Rebellion (the Riel Rebellion) and the Boer War changed Canada and later Canada became a country respected throughout the world in the First World War.

Georgina and Meghan Small befriend an old man Percy Westerfield, one of the few living veterans of the First World War and hear his story about a father, a soldier in the Riel rebellion who never returned from the Boer War.

Discover the history of the Boer War where battles in South Africa involved the countries of the British Commonwealth where 326,000 horses were lost and where 85,000 Boers almost defeated the British army and were finally overwhelmed when 250,000 troops arrived to change defeat into victory. Where a spy, a British butterfly collector lead the defence of Mafeking where 900 shopkeepers, sports hunters and a few British troops held out against 8,000 Boers and where this man established himself in the history of the world with the formation of the Boy Scout Movement, Lord Baden-Powell. Discover how the Smalls solve a mystery in the SNAIL MAIL MYSTERY and allow an old man to hear from his father.


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