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The Tasseled Warrior

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Hate was in his genes and ever since his ancestor Karl Toxopeus had fought the Zulu horde and endured British occupation and their concentration camps, he and Boer ancestors hated the British and anyone remotely associated with them. Becoming a German spy and going to America to uncover the truth about the Manhattan Project was his way to ensure that Germany would win the war and the British would lose it. His discovery in America showed that once the Americans had joined the British after Pearl Harbour, America had turned into a huge industrial giant producing planes, ships, bombs and anything that would help them defeat Hitler and his Nazis.




Hiding in America even after the Germans were defeated didn’t seem out of character, he switched to another fatherland, not Germany but the Soviet Union and from America he provided more top-secret information than any other spy or mole inside America. Only once had someone nearly caught him, Alex Harman, an FBI agent had paid with his life when he made a mistake. Now that man’s son, a wet behind the ears FBI agent and a young girl were snooping and had picked up his trail. Well, he had spent forty years avoiding detection and he could deal with Joseph Harman and his girl friend Leigh Morewood. Just because his hair was white Van Loon didn’t hesitate when his life was in danger; pulling a trigger and removing an irritation was something that was necessary. He would never be caught.


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