The Viking’s Tooth – Baico

The Viking’s Tooth

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Meghan and Georgina befriend a boy, Lars Petersen, in their class and find that he’s frustrated, lonely and missing his friends back in Norway. Georgina helps him with his English and Math and discovers that his hobby relates to the history of the Vikings. Through her initiative she gets one of her friends who she helped rescue his priced race horse in the Bag of Bones Mystery, allows them to sail up the east coast in search of likely places that Lars Petersen believes could be undiscovered landing sites where the Vikings reached New England.

This is an adventure both in the present and in the past, as we discover and experience the journey that one Viking longboat took in its exploration from Iceland and the search by a modern Viking descendent to prove how masterful the Vikings were in their exploration of the world in the 10th century.


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