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Time does not change the psyche of man. Those in power will do anything to retain their control. When you mix the supremacy of power  (Divine Right) of kings and religious battles between the Holy Catholic Church and those heretics outside the one true religion then the use of greed, lust and murder are the tools that are necessary for success.


In the battle between kings, rulers and those who commanded from the pulpit, one of man’s greatest weaknesses is avarice. The Duke in the small Duchy of Savoy is the key to keeping the Catholic forces from taking control of Europe. The duke knows his loyalty is in demand between the protestant heretics and the Catholic Church and its supreme supporter Louis XIV, the king of France, but he has a greater loyalty than to kings or pontiffs and that is to himself. The offer of a bribe of one million pounds in gold will cause the league of Augsburg or the Grand Alliance to defeat the most powerful king in Europe Louis XIV.


The gold bribe from William III of England was being sent in a convoy of over 160 merchant ships and 40 man’o’war. The convoy was supplying the forces fighting against Louis XIV. The gold was on board the flagship of the British Navy, HMS Sussex. Yet secrets are never kept for long and powers are at work to stop the Sussex from arriving.


This is a story involves both love and greed; politics and deceit; and life and death. From the moment the Sussex sailed from England in 1693 to the present day the hunt for nine tons of gold treasure has affected the lives of anyone who gets entwined in its tale. It brings out the worst in men and perhaps the best of man.  Follow a love story that brings a modern couple to a cliff overlooking the Atlantic where 300 years before a young woman waited for her lover and watched the convoy approach. Traitor’s Wait, a cliff becomes a symbol where hopes are destroyed and hearts are broken.


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