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Twisted Being and Twisted Envy

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Twisted Being

I’m Joyce and I’m 11 years old now. This story was written when I was about 8 to 9 years old. It started as something based off of Percy Jackson, but evolved into a novel of its own. It became a world that’s like that of Percy Jackson, but is also its own place, with characters that stand on their own. It’s about a group of kids who basically find out that they are special, and have responsibility to do something that seems impossible given to them soon after.

It sounds fun. For them, it kind of is in an adrenaline-inducing way. But things do get wearisome for them, and I think this story portrays that as well. It’s all about change, adapting, and how there are constants even within that. That’s what helps you relate. At the end, a game-changing twist leaves their group decimated and facing a decision that tears all their morals down.

Twisted Envy

This story was written when I was about 9 and 10 years old. I love writing, and like Megan, our main character, I like to think that I’m a writer. The story is about an experience that many people go through at least once in their lives, which is being uprooted to a new school and trying to fit in when there’s a bully there. In this case, it’s a girl named Megan Bright and her best friend Callie that move, and it’s a girl named Patricia Richardson, a.k.a Patty, that holds obvious disdain for them.

Added in is her childhood friend that happens to go to the athletics academy in town, and Megan gets a fair share of drama in one school year. At the end of the day, one decision tilts the scales for Megan and her friends.


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