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Memories: happy, nostalgic, fortunate, occasionally life-changing stories…



Memories: happy, nostalgic, fortunate, occasionally life-changing stories. That is what readers should find in these pages. in no way is this book meant to be auto-autobiographical or a play-by-play account of life’s travails. Are these tales accurate? When prompted by a letter home or a diary entry, certainly. When from memory, who can say. They are as true as I can make them. But memories mellow with time perhaps blurring events of more than half a century ago. True in spirit, if not in detail, suffice it that I enjoyed writing them; as if I was reliving my happy, lucky life. Maybe my children and grandchildren will enjoy them too, and thereby learn something of what went before them. At 80, I wish my parents had left me their stories that I ignored in my youth. To some of my friends, you may find some shared experiences here that tickle your memory too.


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