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A Fat Boy Is Missing

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Losing a father in a post war military air disaster is cruel; growing up without a father leaves a scar for life…

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Losing a father in a post war military air disaster is cruel; growing up without a father leaves a scar for life. The military had for over 20 years successfully avoided telling the truth to the families who lost loved ones and to the world when in 1950 a US Peacemaker, the B-36 was lost over British Columbia, Canada, carrying nuclear weapons.

Sarah Redbourne has started to raise the eyebrows of the archaeological world with her pre-Aztec discoveries down in the Yucatan peninsula, yet a letter from her mother brings her to BC to find a man who reported finding a remains of a B-36, the plane that carried her father to his death.

Jake Dorchet, a survivor from the bull pit of the stock exchange in New York, has retreated to BC for a life that was totally different from his fast paced life in the heart of the New York’s economic centre.

In BC he runs a small enterprise with his father in recovering submerged logs from a river that had a long history of logging. It’s a living in the elements and maybe the ability to breathe fresh air gives him a chance for a new life.

The sudden visit from Sarah Redbourne with her request to show her where he saw the remains of the B-36 brings them together in the mountains where only experienced woodsmen go. Jake Dorchet has more than an interest in stocks and logs; he has heard of Dr. Redbourne and her discovery of a Roman artifact in Mexico. Together they trek to the interior and discover indications that a nuclear weapon had been among the remains of the crash, they also discover the parachute harness with Sarah’s father’s name etched on it. Was her father alive?

Sail with Marcus Fabius and his friend Scripio, as they abandon Rome with their families and seek the safety of Britain as the Mongol hordes overrun the Roman Empire.  Discover the mystery of the missing A-bomb and the people who need to keep its secret buried along with those who died in the air disaster and how that mystery comes into Jake Dorchet’s life and endangers the girl who is restoring his faith in living and himself.


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