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A Matter of Family

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Jefferson Dawes is a forensic accountant hired by PanGlobal Inc…




Jefferson Dawes is a forensic accountant hired by PanGlobal Inc. who suspect they may be the object of an attempted hostile takeover. Dawes not only discovers that PanGlobal’s concern is real, but the most likely perpetrator is the Russian mafia. Meanwhile, his son, Jonathan, faces possible expulsion from Queen’s University for scandalous behaviour. Is Jonathan really our son Dawes is beginning to wonder? Or was there some horrible mixup at the time of his birth nineteen years earlier? Then Jonathan is kidnapped. The kidnapper’s demand? Back off on the PanGlobal investigation if he wants his son returned alive. Believing that going to the police could jeopardize his son’s life, Dawes decides to rely on his own considerable investigative skills to handle the matter. Eventually he learns some disturbing things about Jonathan and one of his kidnappers. And Dawes is plagued by yet another problem – a self-imposed one that threatens to unravel his whole life. He is cheating on his wife.



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