Cat-alogue – Baico


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Responding to news of a lost pen in 1996, Jupe, a young lady cat, invites Anthony, a somewhat more mature gentleman cat, into a pen pal relationship. In the ensuing e-mails, letters and faxes, they exchange views on technology, their humans, their local clowder (a group of cats) and the world beyond. As word of their unique friendship spreads, other cats join in, eventually forming an e-clowder – “social media” even before the term has been coined.

In this delightful little book, the cats’ scribes Pamela and Elizabeth  (in their more worldly lives researching and writing a university textbook on environmental science) have edited the first 3 years of a correspondence that was to last over 17 years.  In so doing, they have re-lived some of the joys and sorrows of sharing the lives of these two special felines.

Tony and Jupe never met, but their choice of communication by old-fashioned letter writing, albeit accelerated through cyber space, evokes a more leisurely era. The wisdom for which cats are renowned shines throughout.


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