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A Pessimist’s Hope

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Rejecting optimism, this book explores hope as a way to deal with the impending climate crisis: people coming together, resisting systemic pressure, finding their inner strength, re-imagining the world – no longer a pool of resources to be exploited and fought over, but a commons, to be cared for by communities.

“In this timely and important book, Pat Kerans fulfills his role as an elder of the Canadian food movement, providing the insight, ‘teaching stories’, and cogent analysis that challenges us to hope – and act.”

– Cathleen Kneen

Chair, Food Secure Canada

“This book will be read with interest by the informed public interested in climate change. It is a unique combination of ideas under one cover.”

– Dr. John F. Devlin, Associate Professor,

School of Environmental Design and Rural Development,

University of Guelph


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