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A Series of Dreams

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Suzanne Quinn is a naturotherapist, massage therapist, reflexologist and motivator. She has studied various energy-related techniques, as well as holistic biology. Her journey began many years ago when she discovered a whole other side to being. While she discovered alternatives in the field of health care she, first and foremost, let her two children benefit from her knowledge by preparing healthy meals. Her first steps in this field guided her to various corporal approaches. In Tai Chi, she learned the importance of balancing one’s body and emotions.

She dedicated many years to teaching reflexology, by giving workshops and talking at conferences. Suzanne also appeared on television and continues to promote healthy alternatives by publishing regular articles on the website (www.alternativesante.com). As a great explorer, she was once named Robin Hood, not knowing that one day she would take to the sea!

She now owns the Auberge Relais détente, located in the enchanting Laurentian region. There, she continues to teach various energy techniques and to share her knowledge through various means.

With great simplicity, she relates through her story that it is important to believe in our dreams and to go forward. She truly is a good-hearted visionary who will certainly push the reader to go to the end of his or her dreams. For Suzanne Quinn, these dreams came to an abrupt end during a shipwreck in the Atlantic ocean, in the Bermuda Triangle, on board a magnificent sailboat, heading for paradise. A true and rich story.


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