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A Timeless Journey

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A Timeless Journey of the Soul tells about the Universe, the solar system and its ecology. The main characters are Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Sister Moon, Intelligence, and Divine Love the Absolute Creator. These characters and all Souls can see each other but cannot be seen by people, animals or other life-forms. The author states there is life in the Universe always and forever, and that every life-form and vegetation is never gone. Life forms become Souls and vegetation comes around.

This Epic is unique in style and characters, and in the lyrical charm of its writing portrays the Universe as timeless and complete with quantum particles, electrical and gravitational fields, and all mental and physical requirements for life everlasting. It depicts how the Universe is a Oneness in existence where the natural exists forever with no beginning and no end, and where all life and life-forms share duty and responsibility to ensure success, happiness and peace. Also how natural disasters are usually caused by man-made interference with the ecosystem.

The author further describes the earth as becoming a small world with an expanding population and growing business inspired by science, technology and manufacture to ascertain the needs of the human race. She also emphasizes that connection and communication control a like and dislike of countries through wars, culture and space; that civil wars create aggression, violence, destruction and ethnic cleansing and that disease and starvation are common for the poor; that spirituality has become popular and read by folks in search of social and physical well-being, and that science and philosophy have found a similar genre.


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