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Miracles from above

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The journey I’ve been on, has led me to write this wonderful book that holds dear to my heart. Never though in a million years that I would receive countless miracles that would forever change my life. Losing my son was a nightmare, but what came next was far greater than I could ever imagine. Through my sorrow, I found myself on a deeper level. I knew then that my life was never going to be the same again. I would have to say, the spiritual journey has thought me more about life and what it means to be here. This book is about faith and how, God helped me see that he does exist and that heaven is real. I hope that by reading my story it will you see that they do hears us I also have no doubt that we will reunite with our loved ones when our turn comes. The message I want you to know is that we all belong and we are all part of something greater. Especially all the miracles where told to me before they actually happen, I know it will inspires you just like It has for my family and I, but most of all, I hope you find peace, and may your journey guide you in believing that miracles really do happen. It’s just a matter of having faith. May God bless you and keep you safe. Happy reading everyone!


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