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ANDREW ASHTON and The Lost Civilization

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Andrew Ashton, time traveller, has discovered that his intrusion into the past has had consequences which nearly cost the lives of a family he loved. Now that he has returned to the 21st century, he realizes that he needs to work on the present and forget the past. But can he? Can he forget Lizzie, her kindness and adventuresome spirit? Can he live in the present knowing that he is a child of another time in history? However, events beyond his control begin to pull him back.

Andrew’s world becomes very complicated as his secret of time travel and treasure, through twists of fate, become known. Now he must deal with not only his enemies of the past but also the prying eyes of the British Intelligence, the impending danger of the Boston mob, and the journey of destiny to the very roots of an ancient civilization.

Join Andrew, as he works his way through this web of intrigue, past the dangers that threaten his life to complete his task to save a lost civilization.


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