Alston’s Arrow – Baico

Alston’s Arrow

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“I’m sorry,” Reid said sincerely. “I wish there was some way we could help your King, but we don’t belong here, and our parents will be frantic with worry by now. I’m sure they’re already thinking the worst. We have to find a way back to them.”

“First of all, you do belong here, even if you have not yet realized it. Secondly, your parents are not at all worried about you,” the Brownie replied confidently.

“You don’t know our parents, if you really think that is true.”

“Ah, but I do know your parents – and your grandparents. But that is a long story, and we are in a great hurry.”

When Reid, Graeme, and Mitchell set out on an adventure near their family cottage, they could not have imagined how far from home their adventure would take them.

Three brothers . . .


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