Battlefield – Baico


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Trevor Barnes has an extraordinary calling and a touch of destiny about him. The Battlefield is a dangerous, war-torn realm. Once it calls Trevor in, there is no going back.


Renegades—giant beasts with razor sharp claws—prowl the open desert. They kill every human they come across without exception. Trevor has to adapt to his new reality as fast as possible. Death is always near, and its sting is very real. When Trevor finally meets the King, the encounter leaves him in awe and certain about one thing: he’s in the Battlefield for a reason.


Then the mysteries deepen. Renegades aren’t the only monsters waiting in the shadows—Wizards, Magicians, Taskmasters, and Strongmen have made their home in the Battlefield as well. One side enslaves the nations, and the other side fights to bring them freedom.


Wave after wave of opposition continues to come against the King’s warriors. Trevor experiences the joys of victory, but also the agonizing grief of losing close comrades.


Armageddon is just around the corner. The Drones are released and Abaddon, the ruthless Prince of the Air, is unleashed. It’s an explosive all-out battle that will either bring years of peace to the Battlefield, or its absolute destruction.


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