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Killer in Black

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Distraught over the death of his wife and daughter, Adam Devlin, the richest men in the world, decides to leave the society he no longer wishes to belong. Purchasing a decommissioned prison farm, and, with his sons and friends who join him in his self-imposed exile, they live, safe and secure in solitude, away from the madness of crime-filled cities and a techno-crazed population.


Then, the end of their world began.


A killer virus, spreading to all corners of the planet, ‘reactivate’ the Dead, who then attack and eat the flesh of the living. In the aftermath of the Ophidian Virus, the survivors of the Colony train Soldiers to hunt and kill the reanimated Dead, risking their lives, and possible Undeath, to protect the citizens of the Colony.


Tya Maxell is one such Soldier.         


Winning a Status Challenge against Morong, a First Killer, Tya is now First, the best fighter the Colony has ever produced. Morong, desperate to regain his status as First Killer, Challenges Tya to a rematch. During the Competition in a nearby abandoned Town, Tya uncovers a devastating secret: the society she grew up in was based on a lie.


Escaping from the Colony with a prey-child she saved from the Dead, Tya teams up with other survivors, determined to bring an end to the proponents of the greatest hoax on the planet. She must Challenge the corrupt President of the Javier Corporation, and, in a life or death battle-not only against the Dead, but against a man who will do anything to preserve his power at any cost-Tya must prevail, or all will be lost.  


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