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Bittersweet Reflections

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Bittersweet Reflections mirrors the feelings of so many children who grew up in St. Patrick’s Orphanage in Montreal, Quebec. It opened in the mid eighteen hundreds, and was run by the Grey Nuns of Montreal. Here was where the poor, impoverished, Irish immigrants were given shelter as they landed in Canada.

In the late nineteen thirties my sister and I were placed in the Orphanage. This book tells about our relationship with the Sisters, our heartaches as little children trying to cope with a strange place and with strangers. It gives the reader some idea of how, as we grew older, we adapted to the regime. You will feel how our lives were influenced by the Sisters.

St. Patrick’s included our school as well as a lovely Chapel all housed in the beautiful building. We children helped keep it looking lovely.

We enjoyed many things that we would never have experienced in the outside world.

Fortunately, we had our paternal Grandmother who was always there for us.

I bonded with several of the Sisters who were like the family I never knew. The Grey Nuns of Montreal, and Toronto, as well as some of the American Sisters who cared for us deserve nothing but praise and a sincere THANK YOU.



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