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Clashing Titans

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In the world back in the time when civilization was spreading from where human society started, a major episode occurred that changed history. It was a war between the Persians and the Greeks. The Greeks were only small city-states and to stand up against Persia, a powerhouse that controlled most of the known world was both a clash of ideals and a clash of cultures. It is said that if Greece was conquered then our modern form of government in the Western World would never have developed. Go with Michael Small, as he becomes one of many in an international crew before the Olympics to work an historically accurate TRIREME, a Greek fighting ship that 2200 years ago was equivalent to the modern day frigate. Learn about two young cousins, one a Spartan steeped in the military prowess of the Spartan hoplite and his Athenian cousin who is more familiar on board a Greek Trireme and watch as they and the city-states of Greece face the might of Persia.


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