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Cooking With Herbs and Spices

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“Your cooking classes went well beyond my expectations. These are not your average cooking classes…



You’re doing wonderful work.”

Dr. Doris Rapp, MD,    HYPERLINK “”

“Your cooking classes went well beyond my expectations. These are not your average cooking classes.  Your extraordinary knowledge has changed my life and probably saved it.  Your attention to detail and caring about your students is remarkable.” Betska K. Burr, Life Coach, September 1998“Taking the four classes in Series 100 (Vital Vegetables and Fruit, Legumes and Sprouting, Cooking with Herbs and Spices, Every Grain but Wheat) has made a profound difference in the way I now eat. Not only did I learn how to cook healthy dishes but I learned so much about nutrition. Every class was information-packed with healthy recipes, nutrition tips, and most important, plenty of laughter and fun!  During each class Lori presented us with delicious and easy to make recipes. She was well prepared with all ingredients and we chopped, diced, sliced, and prepared the recipes in eight different workstations. She always discussed nutrition, covering topics from healthy drinking water, healthy fats, such as lecithin for memory improvement, food combining for maximum absorption, calcium-rich foods for the nerves as well as the bones, Vitamin-A and D from meats and fish to build immunity, and mineral-rich herbs. The amount of knowledge we discussed in each 3-4 hour class was amazing, as well as the variety of food was superb. This class has truly changed the way I eat.  Nutrition has always been very important to me, and now I have the information organized and so many recipes to make healthy eating a daily part of my life. Sometimes we don’t realize how just a few changes in our daily eating patterns can make such a profound difference in how we feel. I am thankful that Lori has taken such care and diligence in preparing such a wonderful course. She has impressed upon me how important good nutrition is for a happy and healthy lifestyle!”

Donna Smith MacKenzie, D Hom, October 1998

“Great course, lots of information provided and very useful information. You sure do know your stuff! I intend to take more of your classes.”

Marie Rochefort, Fall 2001

“I just love your classes.”

Nancy Reynolds, Interest Student 2003

“Your enthusiasm for healthy eating is definitely contagious. The tremendous amount of research and preparation that you’ve put into the workshops and the handouts is impressive. I’m still working my way through all the handouts.”


Lynn Cahill, 2004


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