Diablo’s Silver Mountain – Baico

Diablo’s Silver Mountain

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Sixty-two thousand tons of silver was taken from one mine in Bolivia. It cost the lives of eight million slaves that the Spanish used to gain their treasure. For 200 years it was the silver from the Potosi Mine that kept the Monarchy of Spain in wealth and made it the powerhouse of Europe in the 15th and 16th century. Learn about an English pirate and follow him as he experiences the hospitality of the Spanish Inquisition.  Go with Andrew Small in his first summer job with International Minerals where their new plans include development around the area where the greatest silver deposit on earth had created a city that matched any city in Europe as early as the 15th century. When Andrew is kidnapped it is Meghan who discovers a way to rescue him.


 This is a story that brings you into the strife between Spain and England and the events of the times that caused the Spanish to send their great Armada to stop the heretic queen Elizabeth and bring England under its control and the control of the Pope.


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