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Hannibal’s Elephant Boy

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In the history of military achievements, one man stands out above the rest. The genius of a Carthaginian general, Hannibal Barca, in a fight between the two most powerful nations of the world Rome and Carthage in 220 BC has remained unsurpassed to this day. Hannibal invaded Italy and put the Romans on the defensive when he crossed the Pyrenees and the Alps in winter with 50,000 men, cavalry and his battalion of war elephants. This is a story about an Indian mahout, an elephant boy-trainer and how he helps Hannibal fight for almost 20 years unsupported inside Italy. No Roman army, no Roman legion ever defeated him even when Hannibal was outnumbered. Hannibal destroyed each army that tried to challenge him.

This is a story about Hannibal’s passage over the Alps and an effort by Georgina and Meghan Small in locating a missing researcher whose goal in life is to discover the route that Hannibal took. That information uncovering the passage of the Carthaginian army nearly 2200 years ago would finally fill in the empty chapters in the history books.


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