Dragon Dreams & Dinosaur Bones – Baico

Dragon Dreams & Dinosaur Bones

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The Smalls are always ready for an adventure, but this one is something that takes them back to the time when man’s survival was in question.

Georgina and Meghan find a new friend, when a girl comes to their school in the middle of the school year. Angela Desforges is a kindred spirit and holds her own mystery of a family member who was a missionary in Africa. Andrew is writing a term paper on slavery and when he hears that Angela’s relative went to Africa to stop the selling of people into bondage, he became interested. Little bits of information kindle the detective skills of the Smalls and Angela is also draggled into the adventure.

In parts of Africa there are areas that modern man avoids, areas where disease, hardship and the jungle deities work to punish any human trespassers. Yet in this inhospitable zone of swamp an earlier attempt of man is waiting to be discovered.

The discovery under the watchful eye of the Smalls’ uncle, a respected archaeologist, finds another problem rushing towards them. Why did this city inside a huge swamp need to have the protection of a moat? Why were the citizens of Sungbo afraid? Go with Michael and Angela and discover the heart stopping answer.


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