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Flecks In The Fiery Blue

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Created in the bowels of the earth, thrust-up from the cauldrons of hell, the glowing, searing magma destroys everything it touches. In so doing it leaves a talisman as a lure, an enticement so strong that it warps man’s mind and blinds him to its power. Mysterious in nature, masked in beauty, its image manipulates the mind until madness reigns.


Diamonds will forever control and subjugate man’s mind. Something so simple in its single element: carbon. Something that is valued more than gold and can be used as instant cash, collateral, or as a king’s ransom. It can send people on long journeys of discovery or down dark alleys. To possess a large diamond, filled with sparkle, carries with it a chance of fame and a chance of death. For many it brings happiness as a sign of love when given by a man to his love. For others, diamonds are a curse and bring death and destruction to those who lose their souls to its seductive charm.


This is an adventure filled with hope, fear, murder, mayhem and love. Follow the lives of those seduced by the lure of a large and priceless diamond and discover how it can warp the minds of those who come into its presence.



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