Graybeard and the Lost Samurai – Baico

Graybeard and the Lost Samurai

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A visit to Germany by a Japanese military diplomat in 1945 brings news, which is vital if Japan wants to win the war. German intelligence has discovered that the Americans have cracked Japan’s military codes. So a man who has served Japan since 1905 when Japan fought the Russians heads home in a long-range sub. An unexpected depth charge attack by an allied Catalina sub-hunter damages the engines of the submarine and the Captain orders the old warrior to continue his journey east across Africa in the only surviving float plane in hopes of reaching Japan. The plane flies into the interior of Africa before its engines stop and crashes into the jungle.

This is a story where Georgina and Meghan Small involve themselves in saving the endangered gorillas and a trip to the Congo brings them face to face with these gentle giants. They also discover poachers and uncover a mystery that makes the head of the gorilla project, a Japanese-Canadian, anxious to unravel. But within the gorillas’ kingdom hidden in the jungle is a mystery and only by helping the gorillas are the secrets of the past revealed.


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