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Augusta Somers has a secret and it is threatening to destroy her. It’s a memory, a memory filled with guilt as she sees the bright faced girl get paler, become thin and die. Her twin sister’s death propelled her into an area of genetic research where she has promised on her sister’s grave that she’d prevent any more sadness and heartache for other families.


In a small Canadian research firm she has started to draw attention to her research. That attention is also making her boss, Charles Scribner very happy. He’s a businessman who knows that this woman is his Midas touch. Soon the large Biotech companies will be coming to his door and bringing money.


Charles also know he has to protect his investment and when he discovers that Augusta is killing herself with over work he suggests that she take a holiday. For the first time in over a year Augusta does and joins with a horse riding operation that takes people back into the back country.  Ten days away from the phone, away from the demands of new deadlines is what Augusta is looking for. What she finds is a young doctor who comes to her aid when she is seriously injured in a near fatal fall. That doctor starts to make her feel as if life is more than just test -tubes, DNA analysis and genetic manipulation.


Robin Todd is a gifted bone surgeon and it is his skill that allows Augusta to save her leg.  They are tied between their two areas of responsibility, one in a Medical centre in a western state known for its wide expanses and a Canadian research firm that is making the world sit up and take notice and the newly developing need for each other.


Long distance love affairs are difficult and it puts them both in stress.


One of Todd’s hobbies is paleontology and his desire to find a complete skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex leads him into a mad flight into the steep canyons where these creatures walked the earth millions of years before.


His absence, his failure to come to her as arranged and a cry in a nightmarish dream filled Augusta with terror and she knows despite the roadblocks and uncooperative authorities that Robin needs her.


This is a love story where guts, determination, and work merge and two lives are carefully interwoven as mysteries and family troubles are explored in hopes of finding happiness.


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