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The Realm of Serinity

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Not long after Anna dies in the cave that’s about to crumble, the Ancient Queen leads her young wife to her ruled realm where she’s given an immortal name and is crowned the Princess of the Realm of Serenity. If she is to remain immortalized like everyone else who had been accepted in the Realm of Serenity, Princess Neferu has to study and pass the strict rules of the realm. Her mother, the Ancient Woman of Wisdom, continuously educates her in the mysteries of the prehistoric goddess, and other important teachings.

A couple suns after she becomes her beloved wife’s equal in supernatural powers, Princess Neferu and Queen Nubnofret spend three earth days and nights in the wilderness as grizzly bears transformed. A few full moons before they go to battle in one of the lower planes in the astral world, Princess Neferu becomes doubtful about her immortality when one of the chieftains tells her a lie. Two full moons prior to the battle, Princess Neferu’s introduced to Queen Nubnofret’s Warring Warrior Ravens, Ahzorah, who is their trainer, and she gets to meet an old friend. During the battle Princess Neferu conjures astral balls that are not only deadly when used as missiles, they will return to her when she runs out.

Princess Neferu has no idea that she’s the link the Ancient Queen and the Ancient Woman of Wisdom need in order to form a triple goddess, and that she will die a final death. Princess Neferu meets the ruler of death personified and becomes a grim reaper a few suns before they ride their tireless steeds on thousands of streets around the world while planet earth is being destroyed by the great mother goddess causing the catastrophe.


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