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Letters from Inside:The Notes and Nuggets of Margaret Marsh

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When Henry Marsh became Bishop of Yukon in 1962 and took his wife, Margaret, north, he was 64 years old and Margaret was 50. It was a daunting task, a diocese in debt, a rugged land with many miles of dirt-roads or no roads at all between each tiny parish. Bishop Marsh undertook his ministry with the same love and compassion and energy that had helped him build a thriving parish in north Toronto, the Church of St. Timothy. Margaret Marsh supported her husband in all that he did and took her creativity with her on this northern adventure. She took countless photographs. She catalogued and photographed bird and flower species. She wrote stories and articles for publications all over North America.  She was Editor of Northern Lights, the Anglican magazine of Yukon. Her greatest creations were her wonderful letters to those of us who stayed in the south, those of us who continued to live ‘Outside’ Yukon. Her Notes and Nuggets are what her title suggests, little snippets and treasures of her life and the Bishop’s life in this northern frontier. Margaret’s writing is a fitting tribute to a very powerful creative force, a strong loving couple, and to the north that she quickly came to love.


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